Plymouth Rock Project webinar series offers practical information for any international organization exploring the US Northeast market. For past webinars, please check the recordings on the Archived Webinars section below.

Archived Webinars

An Introduction to the Massachusetts Start-up Ecosystem

Presenter: Abi Barrow, Managing Partner, Cambridge Innovation Partners

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The Power of your Marketing Collateral for Fundraising

Presenter: Greg Mannix, VP International Business Development, Life Science Nation

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Massachusetts Employment Issues for Foreign Employers

Presenter: Brian Mullin, Attorney at Bowditch & Dewey, LLP

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 Perfect Pitch for US Investors

Presenter: Linda Plano, Plano and Simple

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Doing Business in the US: An Overview of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Presenter: Timothy Monahan, Associate, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP

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The R&D Tax Credit for Small Businesses

Presenters: Taylor Kotas, Senior R&D Credit Consultant, Leyton; and David Roberson, Senior Tax Attorney, Leyton

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Opportunities and Issues to Consider When Expanding Internationally to Enter the US Market

Presenter: Harrison Jones, Trade Manager, London & Partners

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International Considerations When Filing Patents

Presenter: Tani Chen, Counsel, Wolf Greenfield

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US Innovation Funding for International Startups

Presenters: Dr. Craig Hale, Senior Vice President, Leyton; Tom McDanell, Senior Vice President, Leyton; David Roberson, Senior Tax Attorney, Leyton

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How Investors are using Revenue-Based Financing as an Alternative Model for Funding Startups

Presenter: Ben Littauer, Angel Investor

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IP & Business Transactional Strategies as Life Science Companies Plan Their U.S. Market Entry

Presenters: Eugene Ho, Partner, Verrill; Beverly Hjorth, Counsel, Verrill

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Secure Your U.S. Office Location in a Leading Global Innovation Hub

Presenter: Michelle Paul, Business Development Officer, Cummings Properties

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Operating Your Business in the U.S.: Important Tax Issues to Consider

Presenter: Sandra O’Neill, Partner, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP

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Northeastern University and ACTION Innovation Network: A Partnership for Talent and Research

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Expanding the Life Science Ecosystem’s Economic Impact in Massachusetts

Presenter: Jeanne LeClair, Director of Business Development, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

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How to Pitch to Angel Investors

Presenter: Cliff Emmons, CEO of IIOT-OXYS Inc., founder of Accelerated Healthcare Innovations LLC, and a Boston Harbor Angel member

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