Mission and Support


ACTION’s mission is to accelerate the success of early-stage technology entrepreneurs that are supported by our membership of collaborative workspace organizations. Through the comprehensive ACTIONetwork of entrepreneur support organizations, we are dedicated to providing technology startups with a variety of support services that include the use of specialized technical facilities for R&D, subsidized office space and administrative support, research and patent collaboration, quality business mentoring and professional services, and potential funding opportunities to facilitate commercialization. The breadth and diversity of our network offers entrepreneurs a diverse hub of knowledge, experience, and resources that is most often unavailable from a single organization.


Companies, associations, organizations or individuals interested in supporting the growth of the technology business sector may participate in ACTION as members, partners or sponsors.

Membership in ACTION can be applied for by entities or consortiums that function as entrepreneur support organizations for technology enterprises in start-up or pre-commercial stages. Partners are industry associations, government agencies, media, and academic/research organizations that offer support, collaboration and services to ACTION and its members. Sponsorship opportunities are available to companies, organizations and individuals who will provide financial and professional services support to ACTION, ACTION members, and member portfolio companies.

Sponsorships and participation in ACTION provides your organization with exposure to the most influential leaders and emerging stars in New England’s burgeoning technology sector. As a partner or sponsor of ACTION, you will have the opportunity to build solid business relationships with the management of promising new companies early in their business lifecycles, while helping to build a prosperous economy and a healthy, sustainable environment.