Medtech Sustainability Forum

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Location: Foley & Lardner, 111 Huntington Ave., Suite 2500, Boston, MA
Co-Presented by ACTION Innovation Network and UMass Lowell Innovation Hub

Sustainability in medical device design has become an increasingly important consideration for manufacturers, decision makers and end users. It is recognized that not only are sustainable medical devices better for the environment and attractive to consumers, but they can also offer business benefits in terms of cost savings, investor attractiveness, and improved brand and competitive advantage. We look to corporate leadership to commit to more sustainable design and manufacturing of medical devices and managing environmental impact.

Beyond the medtech sector’s core goal of improving health outcomes, we acknowledge that preserving a healthy environment and building socially responsible value chains are essential in keeping humans in good health. The medtech industry can be at the forefront of addressing sustainable healthcare challenges, and we feel that sustainable and circular solutions are the key to addressing these issues.

Vision for the Medtech Sustainability Forum

An interactive forum to generate actionable solutions for MedTech and healthcare organizations to advance their sustainability goals through circular strategies, using examples of corporations that have found success in these models.

Session Topics

Session topics will include:

  • What have been the biggest challenges in transitioning from linear to circular strategies for medtech companies?
  • The role of government regulations and mandates in the UK and Europe in driving adoption of circular strategies. Will the US soon follow?
  • Can multinational medical device companies set the example for other companies? How can we learn from the successes of the UK, European and US entities and their models?
  • Spotlighting scaleup companies that offer deployable solutions for sustainable and circular practices.

Goal of the Event

Collection and synthesis of ideas and solutions generated from the interactive group of attendees. Note special areas of interest that emerge and solicit working groups to take ideas forward in follow-on events.

Outcomes and Call to Action

  1. To energize people to become catalysts of change, champions of their companies and organizations, to promote and expand a commitment to sustainability and circular practices.
  2. To influence corporate leaders and legislatures to take action to ensure that sustainable and circular principles are integrated into business strategy. Legislation can spur innovation and create business opportunities.
  3. To encourage innovative solutions for meeting sustainability goals, a driver of economic improvement and maintaining US competitiveness. Economic sustainability and growth, and environmental sustainability and protection work hand in hand; they are not mutually exclusive. 

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Organizing Committee

Who Should Attend

Medical device companies and manufacturers, circular economy stakeholders, impact investors, government agencies, entrepreneurs, product developers, academia, hospitals, legal firms, etc.

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