Medtech Sustainability Forum

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024
Location: TBD

Sustainability in medical device design has become an increasingly important consideration for manufacturers, decision makers and end users. It is recognized that not only are sustainable medical devices better for the environment and attractive to consumers, but they can also offer business benefits in terms of cost savings, investor attractiveness, and improved brand and competitive advantage. We look to corporate leadership to commit to more sustainable design and manufacturing of medical devices, and managing environmental impact.

Although advances have been made on much of the practicalities of moving towards more sustainable design and manufacture, there remains a confidence and credibility issue which is blocking progress.

Join Us

Join us for the day-long Forum to:

  • Discuss what is currently taking place globally to address this
  • Identify the pain points that limit medical device manufacturers to adopt more sustainable practices
  • Focus on how moving sustainability into corporate strategy opens an opportunity to create more products and programs, generating revenue for industry
  • Present successful examples and can be used as a model for others
  • Showcase innovators with deployable solutions to help achieve sustainability goals

Beyond the medical technology sector’s core goal of improving health outcomes, we acknowledge that preserving a healthy environment and building socially responsible value chains are essential in keeping human beings in good health. The medtech industry can be at the forefront of addressing sustainable healthcare challenges, and we feel that sustainable and circular solutions are the key to addressing these issues.

Session Topics

Session topics will include:

  • Global Response to Sustainability in Med Devices and Healthcare and the Role of Government Policies
  • The Road to Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainable Design and Development
  • Advancing  Sustainability in Medical Plastics
  • Effects of the Regulatory Landscape on the Economics of Sustainability in Healthcare
  • Sustainable Practices for Medical Device Product Design and Manufacturing- Recover, Reprocess, Reuse, Remanufacture
  • The Innovators – Early-Stage Companies with Deployable Solutions to Advance Corporate Sustainability
  • Sharing Strategies and Success Stories, Top Tips for Action

Who Should Attend

Medical device companies and manufacturers, circular economy stakeholders, impact investors, government agencies, entrepreneurs, product developers, academia, hospitals, legal firms, etc.

Register To Attend

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