Training Startups on Circular Thinking

A circular economy aims to reduce material consumption through restorative and regenerative design, keeping products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, and eliminating waste. This economic model is widely used in Europe and is now gaining popularity in North America.

Facilitating the shift towards the circular economy requires widespread adoption and diffusion of circular thinking, particularly among startups and entrepreneurs who can disrupt their respective industries. Incubators and accelerators have great potential to accelerate and advance the circular economy in North America by providing resources and support to innovative startups and help them incorporate circular economy concepts

Whether your incubator/accelerator supports cleantech, life science, bluetech or any other early-stage companies, the resources here will help you design a circular economy curriculum to help your network of startups and entrepreneurs learn more about the circular economy and apply these concepts to make their business more sustainable and impactful.

View this workshop, Circular from the Start(Up) to hear a discussion with circular training experts, incubators and accelerators.

Workshop: Circular from the Start(Up)