Circular Economy Program Modules

The following resources and training modules have been consolidated to assist incubators and accelerators in circular training for startup companies.

Module 1: Introduction to a Circular Economy


EMF Butterfly DiagramMetabolic Questions to Guide Entrepreneurs
WEF/Accenture Circular Business ModelsCircle Economy Key Elements
Metabolic Key PillarsCircular Start

Module 2: Circular Design Strategies


Systemic Venture Building (Metabolic)Product Journey (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)
Product Teardown / Disassembly (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Circular Design Strategies (Circle Economy, CIRCO)
Smart Material Choices (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Circular Materials (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)
Circular Flows Worksheet (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Circle Economy Toolbox for Apparel Brands Business Models (Circle Economy)
Circular Opportunities (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Circular Re-Thinking (Trentino Sviluppo)
Circular Strategies (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Biomimicry Design (Biomimicry design thinking education)
Circular Strategies Scanner (CircitNord)Circularity Deck

Module 3: Circular Business Model Canvas


Biomimicry Business Model Canvas / Value Proposition (Biomimicry Institute)Circular Canvas (Circulab)
Circular Business Model Canvas (CIRCit)Circular Canvas (3Vectores)
Circular Business Model Canvas (EMF / IDEO Circular Design Guide)Board of innovation  (Amsterdam)
Circular Business Models and Strategies (Circular Start)Circular Business Model Validation (Circular Start)

Module 4: Circular Value Chains


Biomimicry Business Model Canvas / Value Proposition (Biomimicry Institute)Circularity Deck / Circular Ecosystems (Circular X)
Circular Collaboration Canvas (CircularX)Circular Supply Chain (Refashiond)
Value Hill (Circle Economy)Board of innovation  (Amsterdam)
Circular Value Chains (Circular Start)

Module 5: De-risking using Circular Economy


Linear Risks Matrix (Circle Economy, PGGM, WBCSD, KPMG, EPRD)Circular Economy De-Risking Strategy (EMF, Bocconi, Intesa San Paolo)
Simple Emissions Reduction Calculator for Investors (Clean Energy Ventures Group)