The R&D Tax Credit for Small Businesses

Is your business missing out on this additional source of cash flow?

Small businesses and startups comprise the vast majority of companies in the US, consistently stimulating the economy through growth and innovation.  However, many of these companies are not aware of all the financial incentives available to them, including the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

Leyton is pleased to host this webinar in partnership with the ACTION Innovation Network to share how companies in the network can increase their cash flow through the R&D Tax Credit.

This webinar will cover:

  • How can the R&D Credit provide additional cash flow?
    • An Introduction to the R&D Tax Credit
    • An Introduction to the Payroll Tax Credit for startups
      • Is my business eligible? What is a Qualified Small Business?
  • Who is eligible to claim?
    • 4 Part Test
    • Industries
  • How do I claim this credit for my company’s R&D?
    • Best practices
  • Leyton with contact information + Q&A

This webinar will be presented by Leyton, a global R&D Tax Credit consulting firm.  Their team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, tax consultants and tax attorneys implement strategies to claim the R&D Tax Credit, ensuring maximum eligible financial return without impacting a company’s core business.


Taylor Kotas, Senior R&D Credit Consultant at Leyton, has been working with small businesses and startups across the US to claim the R&D Tax Credit for 2 years. She works across a variety of industries, ranging from life sciences, software, engineering, and food and beverage.

David Roberson, Senior Tax Attorney at Leyton, specializes in tax law and has vast experience with not only conducting R&D Tax Credit studies, but also defending them during audit.