Expanding the Life Science Ecosystem’s Economic Impact in Massachusetts

Webinar date: March 18th, 2021, 10-11am EDT Presenter: Jeanne LeClair, Director of Business Development, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Massachusetts is a global hub for life science business development, scientific innovation, and entrepreneurship. The rich ecosystem made up of world-class research institutions, hospitals, laboratories, and public agencies create the conditions for startups and global corporations alike to work toward solutions for patients, meeting the toughest health challenges of our day. The Massachusetts Life… Read More

Operating Your Business in the U.S.: Important Tax Issues to Consider

Join us to learn an overview of the legal entities through which non-U.S. businesses can establish operations in the U.S., including the myriad of federal and state tax compliance obligations businesses must follow operating in the United States. We will also discuss some of the federal and state tax benefits associated with establishing technology, research and development and manufacturing operations in the United States. Presenter Sandra O’Neill is an established tax attorney… Read More

Programs and Resources for International Organizations and Companies

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IP & Business Transactional Strategies as Life Science Companies Plan Their U.S. Market Entry

What should life science companies be thinking about when considering entry into the U.S. market? In this webinar, we will look at steps a company can take to protect its intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, prior to U.S. entry and some specific aspects of U.S. patent protection for life science companies. We will also look at business transactional strategies such as choosing the right company structure, choosing the… Read More

Secure Your U.S. Office Location in a Leading Global Innovation Hub

This webinar will provide an overview of information to consider when securing your first location for international companies seeking to expand in the U.S. market. Boston is a leading innovation hub with many academic institutions providing an engine for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Using Cummings Properties’ Greater Boston Area portfolio as an example, this webinar will include an overview of what to inventory before you start, important leasing terminology to understand, different… Read More

How Investors are using Revenue-Based Financing as an Alternative Model for Funding Startups

Ben Littauer is an angel investor with Walnut Ventures and has made investments in more than 40 companies over the past 12 years and meeting perhaps a new company a day for advice or mentorship. For the past couple of years he has been looking at an alternate funding structure, Revenue-Based Financing (RBF), that would allow investment in companies that don’t fit the normal VC/angel equity investment model. Please join us to… Read More

International Considerations When Filing Patents

Patents are vital for moving new inventions and discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.  However, securing strong patents worldwide is expensive and difficult, and one of the most common pitfalls is to treat patents as a commodity or an expense where costs should be minimized, rather than as a significant value driver for the business.  This talk will not only look at the basics of patenting, but also discuss how patents… Read More

U.S. Innovation Funding for International Startups

International startups comprise a growing number of companies in the U.S., and these companies are consistently stimulating the economy here through growth and innovation.  However, many are not aware of all the financial incentives available to them in the United States, including the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. The U.S. definition of R&D is incredibly broad – as long as the U.S. operations include developing or improving your technology and that… Read More

Opportunities and Issues to Consider When Expanding Internationally to Enter the US Market

Entering any new market comes with a variety of opportunities and challenges for growth companies. The U.S. market can be exceptionally attractive and overwhelming all at the same time. The number of marketing opportunities and channels in the U.S. is far more than any other country. All too often, companies entering the U.S. waste all of their precious time and capital on low yield options. These companies do not generate the necessary… Read More

The R&D Tax Credit for Small Businesses

Is your business missing out on this additional source of cash flow? Small businesses and startups comprise the vast majority of companies in the US, consistently stimulating the economy through growth and innovation.  However, many of these companies are not aware of all the financial incentives available to them, including the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. Leyton is pleased to host this webinar in partnership with the ACTION Innovation Network to… Read More