U.S. Immigration Options for Startups

Join Fragomen’s Aaron Blumberg, Brian Doyle, and Irma Dias for an overview of U.S. immigration options available to startups looking to enter the U.S. market and startups already in the U.S. market. The panel will discuss immigration options that range from transferring talent from abroad to hiring and retaining talent in the U.S., along with options for high-level employees and founders. The discussion will also include an update on U.S. COVID-related travel… Read More

Circular from the Start(Up): Integrating Circular Thinking Into Incubator and Accelerator Programs

This workshop will explore how incubator and accelerator managers can help their companies transition from linear to circular thinking and apply these strategies toward building sustainable companies, and by doing so make them more competitive in the global economy.

Catalyzing Biomanufacturing Innovation

In this webinar, organized by ACTION Innovation Network for Twins International Multihelix (TIM) members, you will learn about biomanufacturing initiatives and bio-ready regions in Massachusetts as well as workforce shortages and training programs. Share gaps, challenges, and explore solutions within your life science hub.

Addressing Early-Stage Funding Gaps: How to Get Companies Funded from $500K-$5M

Forum Discussion What sources of Early-Stage Funding are available from local organizations and experts? Angel Groups Crowdfunding Deep Tech Seed Stage Investors Non-Dilutive funding What influences leaders of these funding sources in their investment decisions? How do our local innovation ecosystems, including incubators and accelerators, work together with Early-Stage Funding sources to help their startup companies succeed? How has the CEO of a local startup successfully navigated the challenges of Early-Stage Funding?… Read More

How to Pitch to Angel Investors

Learn how to sharpen your presentation skills and “stack your deck” to pitch to early-stage Angel Investment Groups. Presenter Cliff Emmons is a visionary senior technology leader, entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor with extensive experience in creating, building, and transforming organizations in the USA, India, and China at both Fortune 500 companies and startups. He is highly recognized and skilled in leveraging innovative technologies that generate sustained revenue growth. Cliff has over… Read More

Northeastern University and ACTION Innovation Network: A Partnership for Talent and Research

A webinar presentation on the Northeastern Talent Solutions Model featuring Co-op, the Experiential Network (XN) and research partnership opportunities. This program is available to startups, entrepreneur support organizations and later stage companies. The presenters from Northeastern University will describe how their programs work, highlight the benefits for startups, mature companies, and organizations for accessing student talent across a wide-range of skills to help with your organization’s objectives, and outline the next steps… Read More

Expanding the Life Science Ecosystem’s Economic Impact in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a global hub for life science business development, scientific innovation, and entrepreneurship. The rich ecosystem made up of world-class research institutions, hospitals, laboratories, and public agencies create the conditions for startups and global corporations alike to work toward solutions for patients, meeting the toughest health challenges of our day. The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is a quasi-public agency that seeks to attract and develop life sciences businesses, collaborate with industry,… Read More

Operating Your Business in the U.S.: Important Tax Issues to Consider

Join us to learn an overview of the legal entities through which non-U.S. businesses can establish operations in the U.S., including the myriad of federal and state tax compliance obligations businesses must follow operating in the United States. We will also discuss some of the federal and state tax benefits associated with establishing technology, research and development and manufacturing operations in the United States. Presenter Sandra O’Neill is an established tax attorney… Read More

Programs and Resources for International Organizations and Companies

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IP & Business Transactional Strategies as Life Science Companies Plan Their U.S. Market Entry

What should life science companies be thinking about when considering entry into the U.S. market? In this webinar, we will look at steps a company can take to protect its intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, prior to U.S. entry and some specific aspects of U.S. patent protection for life science companies. We will also look at business transactional strategies such as choosing the right company structure, choosing the… Read More